Heating and air conditioning services are a must-have in the United States, with warmer states like Florida require these to survive each year. However, most people don’t perform HVAC maintenance enough, making the extremes of annual weather even more uncomfortable. This shift in temperatures is why bi-annual servicing by heating and air conditioning companies is in demand.  

Household maintenance is not a fun endeavor, and these often take up lots of time and resources to carry out. It can be tempting to leave HVAC service jobs last in places like Florida since these systems are quite durable, and heaters might not seem essential. However, some less visible signs can occur throughout the year and can render your unit unusable when needed. Here are five reasons why HVAC maintenance is recommended twice a year: 

Warranty Entails Regular Servicing 

Many heating and air conditioning units come with a warranty that will assist owners with any damages during the assigned period. While these units typically last around a decade, the warranty will only cover problems if you perform regular maintenance.  

Taking care of your HVAC unit will ensure that manufacturers know that the issue that occurred was not because of negligence. If the system was really defective despite the maintenance done, this is an easy replacement because it was always well cared for at all times.  

The System Can Last Past a Decade 

Taking good care of anything will make it last much longer than intended. This statement rings true for things like technology, cars, and even pets. While heating and air conditioning units might last for up to a decade before conking out, people who regularly conduct HVAC maintenance servicing are known to have units last longer. When looking to gather the highest returns on investments, regular servicing is a great way to keep things laster longer than usual.  

Mechanical Items All Need Tune-Ups 

Just like a car, an HVAC system is a machine that requires proper servicing by heating and air conditioning companies. Some items might stop working, and parts will need replacement over time. Additionally, the HVAC system might stop heating and cooling a home properly, which is the prime time to have it looked at for the best results.  

Maintenance Saves Potentially Expensive Damages and High Utility Bills 

Maintenance jobs can spot wear and tear instantly, which can prevent costlier repairs that follow broken components. In an HVAC unit, faulty capacitors can damage the system’s compressor and motor, which will be an expensive fix in some cases. Additionally, when an air conditioner runs at a warmer temperature, this uses more electricity and does virtually nothing to cool the room, which is practically wasting money. Having a well-oiled machine means saving tons in repairs and even utility bills thanks to the efficiency when loading it up.  

Comfort Is Better Overall 

Imagine bearing a hot summer without the AC unit working or a cold December evening trying to get a good night’s sleep without the heater. While the US can experience hot summers, the winters can be equally cruel in most areas. Heating and air conditioning services are essential in keeping various seasons comfortable, making daily living more enjoyable.  


HVAC maintenance is a must, and heating and air conditioning companies recommend to do this before summer starts and right before the cold front forms up. Bearing the extreme temperatures each season is not enjoyable, so having a working HVAC system is necessary to survive with sanity intact.  

Reliance Air is a premium heating and air conditioning company in Central Florida. With the constant shifting in temperatures annually, having a working HVAC system is a requirement to survive. Contact us for 24/7 emergency services for any damaged units.  

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