A leaking air conditioning unit could be a common sight in some households—but it is definitely not something you should ignore. Even a tiny leak could be a sign of a more serious problem within the unit. As such, it is essential to investigate your AC immediately should you realize this problem. If you find yourself in this situation, consulting with a professional would always be the best solution. They would help you better understand the issues your unit is experiencing. 

To give you an idea, here are the three common reasons your unit is experiencing leak problems. 

1. Wrong Installation of the Air Handler  

The air handler is the one responsible for moving the air throughout your home. It is also called the blower, which is found inside the house and closely resembles a furnace. The air handler does not cool down or heat the air, but its wrong installation could affect the performance of your AC unit as a whole! 

Air handlers are supposed to be leveled if correctly installed. When it is not well-balanced, it could cause a backup of water. Here are some good reminders to consider: 

  • An air handler placed in the attic should be hung level to make sure it is draining correctly. 
  • If you bought a new handler, make sure to provide a flat and leveled platform top for its installation. 

2. Blocked Drain Line 

The drain line is responsible for removing the water released the moment that your AC unit converts its refrigerant from a liquid to a gas. Over time, the drain line could build algae and other debris in it because of the moisture. These elements could cause the drain lines to clog—and when there is a blockage, the water cannot flow freely. As a result, the water has nowhere to go, which causes it to back up into your home.  

When you notice a liquid buildup in this part of the AC unit, you should turn off your air conditioner and seek a professional’s help. Only a professional would know how to address this problem. Their provided methods would depend on the situation—but usually, what the HVAC experts would do is to flush out the dirt using a garden hose or a vacuum or use nitrogen to blast out all the stubborn clogs. 

3. Not Properly Insulated Unit 

One of the most common causes of water leaks in the house is an improperly insulated air conditioning unit. Insulation is the secret to preventing your AC from acquiring leaks!  

If your unit is not adequately insulated, then the condensate coming through your roof pipes would have nowhere to go but to drip to your ceiling directly. In some cases, the cold air leaking from the AC meeting up with the warm air in one’s attic could also create a condensation. Any of these situations could leave watermarks on your ceiling, which could affect its stability in the long run.  


Now that you know some of the possible reasons an AC leaks, you would know what to watch out for when the incident happens to you. However, the best solution is always to have a thorough inspection by a professional to determine the actual cause behind your unit’s leak problem. As soon as you realize the problem, ask your HVAC contractor to fix it right away to avoid further damage to your unit and home. 

Make sure to have regular air conditioner tune-ups to avoid any inconveniences down the line. For your air conditioner maintenance service needs in Ponte Vedra, we can help! Reliance Air has more than ten years of experience in the HVAC industry. We are your one-stop-shop for any concerns relating to heating and air conditioning. We also provide 24/7 services. Call us now at 904-476-3397 to find out more!  

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